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Greetings, music teachers! Welcome to the crafty music teacher's web page! This page will have info about how to stretch your budget (if you have one at all) by building instruments instead of purchasing them. Highlighted here is a homemade bass marimba, as well as other types of homemade instruments, and other stuff I have done or know about. There is also a collection of resources for other things that crafty teachers can do or make, and links to other websites where you can learn more. Enjoy!

   Here's the setup of this web page:
Bass Marimba

  • Check out the homemade bass marimba! This is an instrument my husband and I built ourselves, following instructions in Jon Madin's book, Make Your Own Marimbas. Check out the page for more information!
Other instruments
  • Check out some other instruments which can be easily made and used to enhance the Orff music classroom. Some are suitable for student projects, and some are more advanced.
  • Check out some resources, including books, magazine articles, links to music websites, dealers, organizations, and more.
Sound Clips
  • Listen to some sound clips of my homemade instruments, and also the Dooley School Mallet Ensemble and Recorder Consort! Be warned - sounds take time to download.

  • Please send me feedback. You can send me e-mail directly from this site.

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