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Cover for the bass marimba

This cover is very simple to sew. I used black vinyl (which looks a lot like a coffin when it's on the marimba). I chose that because it will repel moisture and protect the instrument fairly well for a reasonable price. Here is a diagram of the finished cover:

The top is one piece, cut to cover the top of the marimba with a one inch margin on all sides. This includes a half inch seam allowance. The side that hangs down from the top is one continuous piece all around the edge of the top. It can be slit at the corners if so desired for easy removal from the instrument.

Materials needed:

To cut the top, lay the fabric over the top of the completed instrument WITH ALL THE BARS ON. Cut around the edges of the instrument, allowing 1-2 inches of overlap. Mark before cutting, if desired.

To cut the sides, measure around the perimeter of the top piece. Cut a piece of fabric about ten inches wide, and as long as the perimeter of the top piece, plus 2-3 inches extra for safety's sake. The side can also be cut and sewn from several shorter pieces, if that is more convenient. Sew the side pieces to each other if necessary; then sew the side to the top piece. Leave slits in the side at the corners if so desired.  Hemming is not necessary since the vinyl will not fray.

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