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This slapstick was made for me by a Greg Wojcik, a parent at my school who also happens to be a high school band director.

Materials Needed:

  • one 5x24" piece of hardwood
  • two "cabinet door" type handles with screws
  • one hinge that closes flat
  • screwdriver, saw, power drill, chisel

1. Chisel out area for plates of hinge in the middle of the board. Make sure the hinge will close flat. Mark screw holes in hinge.

2. Cut the board in half with a miter saw or power saw, lining cut up with the pivot point of the hinge.

3. Fold board together; measure so handles are opposite each other in the middle of each side of the board; countersink holes for handle screws; drill hole for screw; screw on handles.

4. Above handles, mark and drill a hole in each side of the board, making sure that these holes do not match up. You should not be able to see through the folded board. The holes are to allow the air to escape as you bring the sides together.

5. Sand rough edges. You're done!

Click here to hear the slapstick


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