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- My First Music Video. (from My First Book Series, by Sony Kids) A step by step guide for making colorful, fun-to-make musical instruments. For ages 5 and older. 50 minutes. (

[the following citation comes from the Dandemutande Mailing List - author R. Clark]

- This Olde Marimba, Part One: "How to Build Your Own Marimba"; This Olde Marimba, Part Two: "Resonator Tubes and Inlays." These videotape guides to marimba construction lead the beginning instrument builder through all the steps in the construction of a soprano marimba based on the style developed at the Kwanongoma College of Zimbabwe, Africa. In Part One, the student builder is guided through the process of selecting wood at the lumberyard, determining the dimensions of the keys, tuning the undercust, and construction of the frame. Approximate running time, Part one: 2 hours, 30 minutes. Part two details the steps in building the buzzy resonator tubes that are characteristic of this instrument, and shows the buildre how to make inlays with the beauty of ivory at a fraction of the cost, using an ivory substitute. In addition to the instructions, these two videotapes include four musical segments: Boka Marimba playing two versions of "Laurelhurst" and segments of "Kapotso" and "Chipendani". Approximate running time, Part two: 44 minutes. Price - Part one - $35.00, Part Two - $25.00; two tape set $50.00 (


Native American Flute Kit. Plastic, from Bear Paw Flutes. available in fall from West. Can be painted after construction. Ages 8 and older. (


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